Jiu Jitsu Gis | How to pick the best gi for you.

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Jiu Jitsu Gis | How to pick the best gi for you.

Here are a few things to look for when deciding what is the best BJJ Gi for you.


Probably the first thing we all notice about a gi is how does it look? What color is it? What color is the embroidery? How do the patches look? Does it have contrast stitching? How about a rash guard liner with a cool design? Different people will have different preferences of course, it’s pretty subjective. I’m biased of course but I think Shogun has some awesome looking BJJ gis. 


How does your BJJ gi feel when rolling?

    Our pearl weave fabric feels great, especially with a quarter liner across the shoulders. The shogun competition gi might be the most comfortable gi I’ve ever worn. Some gis are softer to the touch. Hemp gis are a bit softer than cotton in my experience. Do you like the feel of a full liner inside your gi? Some people love it. I prefer the breathability and coolness of a gi with only a partial liner like the shogun Kanji or Koi gi but a lot of people love the smooth comfort of the synthetic rash guard liner inside the cotton gi.

Customer Service:

A great bjj gi comes with great customer service. What if when it arrives it doesn’t fit, or isn’t exactly what you expected? Will the manufacturer replace it or refund your money? What if months later your pants rip? Most gis should last well beyond that. Will the manufacturer send you replacement pants no questions asked? Customer service is a big deal, and it plays a big role in whether or not the gi you’re choosing is the best BJJ gi for you.


Fit varies from brand to brand and sometimes from product to product. You have to experiment to see what brands fit best for your frame and preferences. For example some people like a tight fit across the shoulders and armpits to reduce the chance of their opponent being able to get a good grip. Be sure you order from a company that will assist with exchanges if you find the gi you ordered doesn’t quite fit. 


A good jiu jitsu gi must be lightweight but durable and able to stand up to daily heavy wear and tear on the mats. A super heavy old school gi doesn’t help much for tournaments where you need to weigh in in the gi. If you go with an ultralight gi durability goes down, if you go too heavy the gi could be too hot, uncomfortable and heavy for competition. Shogun’s 450 pearl weave gi jacket and rip stop gi pants are a good balance between light breathability and sturdy durability. Also, a great BJJ gi won’t rip or fade over time.


As mentioned above, weight is important. Some manufacturers produce ultra light gis with ripstop jackets. I don’t personally prefer to train or compete in these gis. They feel weird to me and are likely to have limited durability. However, if light weight matters more than anything else to you this type of gi might be a good option especially if you’re trying to get a little extra edge during weigh-ins.

IBJJF regulation compliant:

The IBJJF has specific regs about which gis are acceptable for competition. For example only blue, white and black gis are allowed. Patches must be of a certain size and applied in certain limited locations on the gi. There are also rules about fit, the gis level of wear and belt size. At Shogun some of our gis are designed to comply with IBJJF regs and some aren’t. If you want to purchase a gi to compete in IBJJF competitions familiarize yourself with the current IBJJF gi rules before buying a gi. Feel free to reach out to us at info@shogunfight.com if you have any questions about which of our gis comply with IBJJF regs.

You’ll have to do some research and some trial and error when deciding what’s the best jiu jitsu gi for you. Give a Shogun gi a try, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Ask a friend who may have tried one of our products how they liked it.

In fact, we get a lot of compliments on our gis and customer service. Check out some of the kind things our customers say about us:


What Our customers say about Shogun Fight BJJ Gis and our customer service:


'... I love the quality of the Gi! And it was here a week earlier than projected so super fantastic on the service!'



'Thank you so much, I am very grateful for your customer service, the gi feels great on, and it looks fantastic. I was wanting to wear this gi to competition. Again, thank you '



'Thank you for looking after me. I’m very impressed with your customer service.' Alex


'I wanted to thank your company for such wonderful customer service. I appreciate you helping me out a discount on my reorder as well as the free t shirt. That was very kind on your part.'



'Thank you for the top notch customer service. Much appreciated.'