8 things to look for when picking a BJJ Rash Guard

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8 things to look for when picking a BJJ Rash Guard

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has a never ending amount of information to learn, in fact one of the great things about BJJ is it never seems to end. No matter how long you’ve been training there’s always more to learn, discover and create.

Even in the case of Jiu Jitsu clothing and uniforms there are some things worth learning, which brings us to BJJ rash guards and how to make sure you pick the right product for you.


Look for proper fit.

Do you want a true, tight compression fit or do you prefer something a little looser? Before you buy you may want to contact the manufacturer to find out if they cut their rash guards to be a little loose or to be nice and snug, then adjust accordingly depending on your preferences. Here at Shogun we lean towards a snug fit in our rash guards but every body is a little different, if you want it loose you may want to consider a size larger than you might usually go for. We’re always happy to exchange for a different size if you find the fit isnt quite right.


Be sure to buy from a reputable company with great customer service.

Here at Shogun we have a pretty liberal replacement policy, if anything goes wrong with one of our products we’re happy to replace it. We’re also happy to assist with sizing questions, shipping issues, discount codes or anything else that might crop up.

   Be sure you don’t get stuck with a problem garment and no one to talk to or assist you.


Pick a rash guard with a great design you love.

   Whether you want a simple, understated design or a beautiful, multi-colored work of art, remember you’ll be wearing this on the mats day after day so be sure to pick something you love. Avoid screen printed artwork as that can crack and peel over time, dye-sublimated printing will be the most colorful and durable option for the demands of hard BJJ training.

Shogun Samurai Rashguard Design


Make sure it’s purpose built.

   Be sure to pick a rash guard that’s purpose built for BJJ and grappling. A water sports rash guard may not have the same level of durability. The stitching and cut may be different and not appropriate for grappling and BJJ tournaments. In the end you’ll be happier with a BJJ rash guard.


Make sure it’s durable.

Be sure your grappling rash guards are built for the training room and are purchased from a company that will stand behind their products because nothing stresses a garment like high intensity grappling. The stitching needs to be tough and the fabric must be durable.


Decide if you need a ranked IBJJF rashguard:

The IBJJF has strict requirements for all no-gi jiu jitsu uniforms. For BJJ Rash Guards the shirt must be made of an elastic fabric that clings snugly to the competitors torso and extends over the waist band. The color must be black, white or black & white, and at least 10% of the design of the rash guard must include the color of the belt-rank of the competitor.

For more info check out: http://ibjjf.com/uniform/ 

Most other tournaments do not require ranked rash guards for their no-gi competitions but be sure to check the uniform requirements ahead of time


Look for easy care:

A grappling rash guard is typically a synthetic blend and synthetics both wick moisture (away which is great) but they also trap the odors which is not so great for your training partner.

One good solution is Lysol laundry sanitizer – it works well and kills 99.9 percent of bacteria that regular detergent leaves behind. We recommend it for our jiu jitsu gis as well.

In general, try to avoid rash guards that must be hand washed or hung to dry. Our Shogun BJJ Rash guards can be washed and dried in a regular washer and dryer, no problem, with no effect on color and no fading or other issues.


Long Sleeve VS Short Sleeve. Which is best for you?

I personally prefer the feel of a short sleeve rash guard, it just seems cooler and more comfortable but a lot of grapplers prefer long sleeve, here's why:

Long sleeve BJJ rash guards protect you from any bacteria on the mat. Hopefully your gym is clean and the mats are disinfected often but staph and ringworm can crop up. Long sleeves help protect you.

Also, some people feel the long sleeves add a bit of friction to hold on to your opponent and squeeze out that submission. On the other hand, maybe slippery arms can get you out of trouble when you're on the defense? Try both and decide which is best for you.

long sleeve rashguard bjj

Whether its the first BJJ Rash Guard you’ve ever purchased or the 10th, these are a few things worth taking into account to help you pick the best rash guard for you.



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